Legends Of Honor


Created initial pitch concepts for Legends of Honor. Together with a small team of 4-5 artists we presented  a few cinematic concepts that managed to deliniate the style and mood for the unknown project wich eventually  came to become Legends of Honor. 

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Shadow Kings


Worked on Shadow Kings during my starting time as a Concept Artist in Goodgamestudios. I was partially responsible for concepting environment elements and for the creation and polishing of various marketing assets.  

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Slider is a collaboration between Robin Øvrebø and myself. Completed in a month, during the second and third semester of the MA Games Design Course at Brunel University, the game reached over 5000 installs in less than a months span. Robin was responsible for the coding, and I was accounted for the aesthetic aspect. We both partook in the designing of the game. We tried to recreate something complex into it’s most simplistic experience possible, both in the game’s mechanical aspect as well as its visual aesthetic. The broader challenge was to create an intuitively working experience, and implement a metric system to gather a broader knowledge of the ongoing trifecta between developer, product and consumer.

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Side Beat


Sidebeat is an attempt to combine rhythm with side scrolling. The game is a personal project created for submission to the games design module at the (MA) Digital Games Design & Theory course at Brunel University. Together with Haroon Haider we created a tool, that records the developers input over a playing track. When the track is played back, the recorded inputs are then being translated into obstacles in the game. On the art side, I  went for an urban/street art style. Find here the presentation with various media that was  showcased to industry experts.


Lawn Runner


Lawn runner Lawn runner is a game created in a 48 hour game Jam through a collaboration between Robin Øvrebø and myself. It received the maximum votes and the first award amongst the other games. The game jam was purposely held in order to gather the few playable games and sell them at indiegamestand.com for charity. A total of $1300+ was raised. The past deal at indiegamestand.com can be found here