Hello and welcome. I'm Leonidas Ampatzopoulos a Game Artist from Athens, Greece. 

I like to travel and have had the luck to be doing so for the entirety of my life. I changed a total of 7 schools and have lived in 7 countries around Europe and the Middle East. If you get to know me you'll soon find out the multicultural beast that lives within me.

My studies include 3D Animation and a Masters Degree in Game Theory & Design. These courses equipped me with fundamentals that shape me into the professional that I am today. You can check out some of the games that I’ve worked on and while you're at it, here are also some of my procedural videos. 

I’m a game artist, with a passion for digital games. For a more detailed look at my experience, you can view my résumé. I am available for freelance and employer positions. If you would like to work together, please don't hesitate to contact me.